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Stress Management in 2020 and Beyond

2020 has been a doozie so far in umpteen ways. And that’s an understatement.   People have lost their jobs. People have been dealing with illness and even the deaths of loved ones due to Covid-19. People are under pressure due to the uncertainty of the future. Homeschooling. #BlackLivesMatter Politics. And on and on and...
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The 5 Principles of Confidence: #2 Breathe

We forget to breathe when we get stressed.  We forget to breathe when we’re concentrating.  We forget to breathe when we’re angry.   How in the world can we forget to breathe when it’s one of the most important functions of staying alive?!   The fact is…we all do it.   Take a moment to...
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Marketing Impact Academy

How to Schedule in Your Fitness: What Gets Scheduled Gets Done!

What gets scheduled gets DONE!   Have you ever said: “I just don’t have time for….”?   Yep, we all have. Truth is that we ALL have plenty of time and the same amount of it. Most people simply don’t manage it well and allow time to slip through the hourglass unnoticed.   We scroll....
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Rachel Pitts

Meet Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel Pitts, proud wife and mother. No matter how many times I go through a metamorphosis, I always return to the basics of who I am: a performer, dancer, and singer. My true calling is to use my vast experience as an entertainer to help inspire and empower women to become the best version of themselves — by living their personal manifestation of the UltraFitLifestyle! My history in show business has helped me develop my 5 Principles of Confidence. I can’t wait to share them with you.

With the tools I’ve built to overcome eating disorders, domestic abuse, alcoholism, and chronic disease, I feel my experience is unparalleled in helping women shift from a life of simply surviving to truly thriving!

Download the 5 Principles of Confidence Based on the 5 Classical Ballet Positions

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Virtual Presentations

Rachel is available for virtual presentations via Zoom on topics that include how to improve your confidence by focusing on 5 principles based on the 5 classical ballet positions.

Rachel Pitts

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