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P3: Make the Beast Your Bitch

Once you’ve caged the beast and feel like you have more control, you can begin moving towards mastery. You may discover ways to put the beast to work for you so you can leverage the power of this dark side of yourself. Imagine a successful NFL football star: it’s probably easy to picture how an...
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P2: Make the Beast Your Bitch

Forcing your beast into a cage will be a battle. Once you get your beast on a leash, there will be a tendency for the beast to yank that leash. It might pull the leash right out of your hands. Getting the beast on a leash is about awareness of the existence of your challenge....
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P1: Make the Beast Your Bitch

Inside all of us resides a beast. Some may call it the dark side. Some of us may have more than one beast. There is always one alpha beast that controls the movements of the others. Often this alpha beast lurks quietly in the shadows of our subconscious. The beast will never go away no...
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Rachel Pitts

Meet Rachel Pitts, an extraordinary individual who fearlessly embraces life’s challenges. Beyond being a dedicated mother and wife, she’s a mesmerizing dancer, IFBB Fitness Pro, certified breathwork, and Mental Management Coach. Her journey is marked by triumph over adversity, including battles with eating disorders, alcoholism, domestic abuse, and chronic illness. Rachel’s resilience turns setbacks into growth opportunities, guiding others to rediscover their authentic selves. She fearlessly confronts challenges, empowering others to break free from stressors and limiting beliefs. Join Rachel on a transformative journey to unleash your inner superhero.


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Rachel Pitts

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