Dog Food in My Peanut Butter

I can’t be trusted around a jar of peanut butter.

I don’t know if you can relate to eating PB directly out of the jar with a spoon, but if you can, you are my people. Sometimes my top pick is Peter Pan Honey Peanut Butter, but you really ought to try American Dream Nut Butter if you want to know what Heaven is like. 

Seriously though, I have a problem with peanut butter. I love it and it has been one of my downfalls during competition prep. Sadly, more than once. That’s why my husband, Felix, suggested putting dog food in my peanut butter.



Just stick with me on this. It’s brilliant.

You see, my golden doodle Osha (named from a Game of Thrones character, not the government entity), loves PB in her Kong toy so I have to have it around. She gives me one of those “don’t you love me” looks when I don’t have it for her.

Problem is, when I am dieting during prep for my bodybuilding competitions, I can’t control my cravings for PB. Felix’s solution: put a scoop of dog food in your peanut butter. 

It works… immediately you will NOT want the PB.

Not now or anymore (from that jar at least). 

Dog food in my peanut butter is just one of many tips, tricks, and mindset tactics that I used to chase the win when I got into competitive bodybuilding. Achieving greatness in any sport, art, or business pursuit takes a lot more than meets the eye. People ask me a lot about what I do at the gym, what I eat, etc. But the truth is that the key to my success is my mindset and mental management.

You’ll be amazed at what it actually takes to become a winning athlete. In my upcoming book, entitled “Dog Food in My PB,” I describe my personal experience with bodybuilding in as much detail as possible. 

When I decided to get into bodybuilding (during the Covid-19 pandemic…literally because I didn’t want to sit on the couch and get fat), I had almost zero clue about the industry. I always loved to work out. I had been a personal trainer for 25+ years. Yet, I learned more about fitness, training, nutrition, and mindset in the last few years since I got into bodybuilding than I did in all 25 years prior. I had no idea that my transformation would be so profound. Yes, my physique has undergone an insane transformation. But, the internal changes I have experienced have been so much more remarkable. Also, most of the athletes I have met are mad scientists and intelligent overachievers rather than simple-minded bimbos and meatheads as some without knowledge of the industry might think. If you would like to follow in my footsteps from knowing nothing about bodybuilding to becoming an IFBB Fitness Pro, this book will show you how. I’ll warn you it is NOT easy. There’s never a guaranteed win. It IS worth it because of the person you will become from the inside out if you learn and apply these mindset tactics.

If you have been dreaming of making it to the competition stage, but hesitating because you don’t know where to start, this book was written for you. If you have doubts about your ability to do this thing, this book was written for you. If you have been competing and feel like something is missing or you feel stuck, this book was written for you. I want to pull back the curtain on the bodybuilding industry for you. I want to share all the things I have learned so far in my bodybuilding journey with you because it has been such an incredibly rewarding experience for me.

Will YOU be the next competitor to grace the competition stage?

You may not believe right now that you can do it too. 

You can do it.

You deserve it.

You’re worth it!


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