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How to Schedule in Your Fitness: What Gets Scheduled Gets Done!

What gets scheduled gets DONE!


Have you ever said: “I just don’t have time for….”?


Yep, we all have. Truth is that we ALL have plenty of time and the same amount of it.

Most people simply don’t manage it well and allow time to slip through the hourglass unnoticed.


We scroll.
We veg in front of the TV.
We get stuck in “busy work.”
We play…which is actually pretty important. So, keep some of that!


When it comes to getting the activities done that truly matter to you…they HAVE to go on the schedule!


I love using a day planner, specifically the Passion Planner, to see how my week is laid out. I normally spend an hour or so on Sunday afternoon planning my week. Once I have scheduled in the important blocks, such as my workouts and any meetings or an episode of my podcast, then I look at the other blocks of time and schedule in what I WANT to do.


If you are wondering how to better structure your time, give it a try. It’s sometimes called Time Blocking. Once you schedule the big chunks of time that are necessary to use for meetings, tasks, activities with family, and even REST, you’ll start to see that time expands. And hey, if you schedule everything, and then it all goes sideways…that’s ok! Pivot and go with it.


You may be losing a lot of time because it’s not structured. Time passes anyway, so be sure YOU are the one in control. If you need help with time blocking, reach out to me >>>HERE<<< I’d love to help you.


Pro Tip: I have leveled up my planning and scheduling as well as marketing what I do for a living since I joined the Marketing Impact Academy…it’s not open for enrollment just yet (COMING SOON). You CAN start getting tips from my fav business inspiration, Chalene Johnson on her podcast >>>HERE<<<


Things I have learned this week in my bikini comp prep:


  1. This marks 4 weeks of completely transforming my eating habits. I now eat 5-6 “perfectly” balanced meals a day. What this amounts to is eating a lot more than I used to. And moreover, I eat more CARBS than I used to. I am very specific on each meal I prepare. They are very simple, sort of boring meals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a gourmet meal. But, those are for special occasions and these simple meals I am eating now are getting me results. I sometimes want a cookie still, but I reach for my K ll Kookie Bars. And, the best part is that since the meals are relatively small, I never feel that bloated, overly full feeling I used to get. You know that feeling I’m sure!
  2. I have dropped about 6 lbs. More important than the body weight is the body fat and body water percentages. Body fat has gone down and body water has gone slightly up. Dr. Kattouf, my fitness, and nutrition coach says that when body water goes up, that means I am adding muscle. Yay!
  3. I FEEL amazing. I feel stronger, of course, because I hit the gym 6 days a week. I train for about an hour-long session of weight lifting and the past week or so I started adding 15 mins of cardio at the end. There’s something so fun and exciting about seeing and FEELING positive changes.
  4. I had POSING CLASS this week with Lauren First. I checked out a bunch of bikini competitors on IG and picked the ones I thought had the best poses. I asked who their posing coach was and reached out to a few. Lauren trains champions, so I am super glad she is my posing coach. I wanted to start now so that I can practice, practice, practice before next Spring. Let me tell you: it’s a lot harder than it looks! I ordered a pair of heels like the bikini comp girls wear and met Lauren on FaceTime. She showed me the basic poses in the routine. Apparently, there are different moves that flatter different heights. And, bikini competitions are separated into divisions by height. It felt really awkward at first. I’m going to practice every day until next Spring so that it becomes muscle memory. Next month, I am going to meet Lauren in PERSON at a competition she is attending with one of her clients in Charleston. So, I gotta practice so she sees improvement!


All in all, I am enjoying this process immensely.  It feels like everything I eat and every workout really COUNTS. And it does. Every choice counts. I love it so much, that sometimes I wake up at 4 instead of 5 because I am excited to workout. That may sound totally crazy to you. In the world of the bikini competition, I bet I am not alone. I have found a tribe that won’t give me a hard time because I work out so much and have such intense focus. Intense focus is part of the price of admission into the Land of the Superheroes…and now I am one of them.


Or at least that’s how I see myself now!


Ready to start your fitness journey and don’t know where to start? I’d love to help.

Contact me >>>HERE<<<


You’re WORTH it!


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