Why I Decided to Commit to a Bikini Competition in 2021

Bikini competition. It’s the zenith of fitness goals when it comes to becoming a lean, muscle machine. I’m not saying that running a marathon, completing an Ironman, or climbing Mount Everest are not lofty goals. Bikini competition prep leaves no room for error.

At least if you wanna smash it like a Superhero (which is my plan).

Competing in a bikini comp has been a secret goal of mine for a while. I was simply too afraid to step up to the challenge. Or had some other excuse. Something about Covid-19 quarantine, isolation, self-reflection, and the development of some seriously consistent routines since March led me to commit to training for a bikini competition in 2021. Also, I feel like starting now (official start date of my process was June 25) gives me time to figure out all of the moving parts of what it takes to be ready for a bikini comp. And, there are a lot more things to consider than I ever imagined!

I started chatting with my fitness and nutrition Coach, Dr. Rick Kattouf, founder and owner of Team Kattouf Coaching and Kattouf Nutrition Supplements, about a partnership on helping my followers with nutrition. As we talked, I mentioned that I was thinking of training for a bikini comp. He and I discussed his knowledge of the fitness competition scene and we both got excited about getting me trained up.

And so it began…

There’s a lot involved:

  • 6 days a week of weight lifting and cardio
  • a strict regimen of nutrition (that doesn’t involve any starving or carb restriction…in fact, I was not eating enough carbs!)
  • lots of water
  • learning to pose correctly
  • and more to come that I don’t even know yet since I am so far out…

One thing I really like about this new path is that it is very structured. I must plan my days and plan my nutrition so that everything happens as it needs to. And, if I need to pivot, I do. I have found that I am getting more organized with everything in my life. Something about this fitness structure makes all the other stuff seem easy to organize around my goals. And, I can handle my work stress much better as well!

A few things I have learned so far:

  1. Portion sizes matter. I have never ever measured the portion sizes of my food in the past and now I measure everything. It’s not that I am obsessed…then again, maybe I am. As Grant Cardone has said: “Be obsessed, or be average.” And, in order to compete in one of these events, you’ve got to commit to being above average. You’ve seen the ladies that compete in these things – they are lean!
  2. Bodyweight, body fat, and body water are the 3 body composition numbers we are tracking. Weight is not the most important factor. According to Dr. Kattouf, “Body water % is the key to success. How do we increase BW%? We build muscle. The more muscle, the more water. The more fat, the less water. In addition, then foods we eat help to assist in increasing water %.” It’s such an interesting process!
  3. It takes a lot of focus, consistency, and patience to make real progress. In the past, I might have dropped a few pounds and called it progress, only to have the weight show back up again because I didn’t actually change body composition…I just sweat out enough water to think I had made the changes I was looking for.

I was giggling to myself the other day because I have become one of those “egg white girls.” It was at that moment that I said to myself: It’s ok to give up egg yolks. It’s ok to give up cookies (unless they are K ll Kookie Nutrition Bars!). It’s ok to give up bacon. FOR NOW, so that I can reach my goals.”

First time trying to pose 7/16/2020

What I am trying to do is HARD.

What I am trying to do is not for the faint of heart.

What I am trying to do won’t work out and I won’t reach my goals if I am not strong in my mindset overall.

What I am trying to do is amazing.

What I am trying to do is FUN…even if it is a huge challenge.

I can’t wait to try out a posing class with Lauren First! That’s a whole new world I don’t know anything about…although I think my dance background will help.

Thanks for hanging out with me at the UltraFitLifestyle.

Remember: YOUR UltraFitLifestyle doesn’t have to look anything like mine. I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Or, if you have some serious goals, hit up Dr. Rick Kattouf. He don’t play. He shows you how to Show Your Workout Who’s Boss!

Stay tuned for updates as I travel this new path…

Need help? Contact me HERE!

I’d love to get you moving in the directions of your fitness goals.

You’re WORTH it!


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